Eco-efficient novel enzymatic concepts for slime control in pulp and paper processing

Contract number: G1RD-CT-2000-00387

The general objective of SLIMEZYMES project is to develop novel enzymatic approaches for efficient control of slimes in paper manufacture. Targeted enzyme systems for degradation of slime polysaccharides will be developed. The use of enzymes will be optimised alone, in combinations and together with other slime control agents. The enzymes will be produced using modern biotechnical methods, and their effect on slimes evaluated in laboratory, pilot and mill scale.

The main expected results and achievements

  • New enzyme-based methods for slime control, replacing or supplementing the traditional chemical biocides.
  • Novel enzyme products, suitable for enzymatic slime control.
  • Increased understanding on slime formation in paper machines, enabling later development of other targeted slime control approaches.
  • Increased scientific knowledge on paper machine biofilms and their polysaccharides.


Dr. Johanna Buchert, Coordinator

Matti Siika-aho, MSc. Project Manager


VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

VTT Biotechnology



Web coordinator

Ms. Paivi Vahala
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