In Brief

Slimezymes project started May 1st 2001

Duration: 4 years

Budget: 2.6 M EUR


Technological objectives:

  • To develop new enzyme based methods for slime control, in order to replace and supplement the traditional chemical biocides.
  • To develop new enzyme products containing novel hydrolytic activities, especially suitable for slime control.
  • To gain understanding on slime formation in paper machines.

Specific scientific objectives:

  • To isolate and characterise new hydrolytic enzymes acting on extracellular bacterial polysaccharides.
  • To isolate and characterise novel bacterial polysaccharides.
  • To better understand the role of bacterial polysaccharides in paper machine biofilms.
  • To increase understanding about biofilm build-up in paper machine environment.


VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

VTT Biotechnology



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